Perk gArM3N's gamer pic

Perk Quick
Some attributes
First Occupation: co-Founder of Perk
Second Gamertag: QUIKSc0perzz202
Third real name: Gavino, more commonly known as Gavin
Other attributes

Perk gArM3N is a main member of the Perk Clan and is the co-Founder of Perk. He works along side his friend and co-Founder, Perk Stickman.


Not much is known about Perk gArM3N at this moment.


  • He has only made and appeared in one video for Perk, "Introducing Perk R41D!" [1]
  • He knows all the members of Perk in real life except Perk HZRD
  • He hates Perk HZRD.
  • His Perk emblem is Quick Revive[2]
  • He has changed his name more times than anyone else in Perk
    • His first was Perk Quick
    • His second was Perk R41D
    • His third and current is Perk gArM3N